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Barcelona, Spain

Educational and working history in medicine 


Graduated in Medicine, University of Valladolid.

6th course at the Universitá degli Studi di Perugia (Italia), ERASMUS.


Fellowship in Nephrology at the Nephrology Unit of the Hospital Ramón y Cajal, Madrid.


“Research fellow” at the Nephrology and Transplantation Units of the Massachusetts General Hospital- Harvard Medical School (Boston, USA) studying the humoral response after renal transplantation.

June 2002

PhD in Medicine at the University of Barcelona, Spain.


1999 - 2000

Nephrologist at the National Organization for Transplantation (Madrid, Spain).

2000 - 2006

Clinical nephrologist and researcher at the Renal Transplant Unit, Hospital Clinic de Barcelona, Spain.

2004 - 2005

Clinical Nephrologist at Fundación Puigvert-Hospital San Pau, Spain.

2006 - 2016

Clinical Nephrologist and researcher at Hospital del Mar, Barcelona, Spain.

2016 - NOW

Head of the Transplant Unit, Researches, Hospital del Mar, Barcelona, Spain.

Scientific Activity

  • Chapters in scientific books: 8
  • Articles in scientific journals: 60
  • Communications in international meetings: 61
  • Communications in national meetings over 100
  • Speaker at courses and meetings: 50
  • Moderation in symposia: 30

Participation in studies and trials

  • Research project on “The role of anti-HLA donor-specific antibodies early after renal transplantation” at the Massachusetts General Hospital granted by Fundación LAIR.
  • “Observational studies on acute humoral responses after transplantation” at the Renal Transplant Unit, Hospital Clinic de Barcelona (2000-06).
  • “Study of endothelial dysfunction in renal transplantation related to immunosuppressive treatment”, at the Hospital Clinic de Barcelona. Granted by the MARATÓN project (2000-05).
  • “Study of endothelial dysfunction in chronic renal failure and changes after renal transplantation” at Hospital Clinic de Barcelona. Granted by the MARATÓN project (2000-05).
  • “Development of MICA antibodies after renal transplantation” Hospital Clinic, Barcelona (2005-2007).
  • Principal investigator: “Chronic humoral response after renal transplantation”, Hospital del Mar (2006-). Approved by the local Investigator Committee.
  • Coinvestigator: “Monitoring humoral and cell immune response in renal transplantation and clinical correlation” with public funding (FIS PI 10/01370).
  • Principal investigator & Coordinator: Spanish Registry for Humoral Rejection after Renal Transplantation.
  • Principal investigator and coordinator: “MOMO study. Humoral monitoring after immunosupressive treatment modification in kidney and heart transplantation”.
  • Coordinator and PI: Study on the contribution of NK cells on chronic rejection in kidney transplantation in response to donor-specific HLA antibodies, mismatching and CMV infection. Competitive funding (Marato 2013-2015)
  • Coinvestigator: “A prospective analysis of humoral and cellular response in kidney transplantation and its impact in chronic renal allograft dysfunction” with public funding (FIS PI 13/00598).
  • Principal investigator: ““HLA and non HLA antibodies in the rejection of the kdiney transplant and mechanisms of damage” with public funding (FIS PI16/00617).
  • Co-investigator in several multicenter trials on immunosuppression in transplantation: Prevention of rejection (15), DGF (2) New Onset Diabetes after Kidney Transplantation (1).